365 Days Miso Soup

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Tofu Miso Soup

About Tofu

Tofu miso soup is a typical miso soup. You can use tofu in miso soup together with many other ingredients. Since there are various types of tofu, you can choose different types of tofu according to your taste or to the ingredients to be used together.

Nutritional Difference Between Firm and Silken Tofu

Firm tofu (momendofu) is made by adding a coagulant, such as bittern, to soymilk and compressing it to solidify. It contains more iron, protein and calcium than silken tofu (kinudofu). On the other hand, it contains less vitamin Bs and potassium than silken tofu since water is squeezed out. These tofu are also different in texture. So, you can use them in your daily miso soups to your taste.

How to Store Tofu

A cake of tofu is often too much for miso soup for a meal. Place the remaining tofu in a container with enough water to cover tofu and store it in a refrigerator. Change the water everyday and use up the tofu in about 3 days at most before the expiration date.