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Asari Miso Soup

About Asari

Asari is Japanese littleneck clams. They are standard shellfish ingredients as popular as shijimi clams. Their season is from February to April (also September) and become plump and tasty then. They contain protein and plenty of minerals, such as calcium, potassium and zinc. Especially, they contain vitamin B12 most among all the shellfish.

Asari season is from February to April

Is Dashi Necessary for Asari Miso Soup?

Asari alone gives a good dashi to miso soup. To make the miso soup tastier, use a dashi stock and/or add a piece of kombu seaweed.
Adding a small amount of yuzu-kosho (yuzu and pepper paste) to the miso soup when you eat adds a savor to it.


Place asari clams in a pan or bowl in such a way that they do not overlap each other and pour in salt water as salty as sea water in such a way that the salt water barely covers the asari. Cover the container with newspaper and leave in a room (unheated) in winter or in a refrigerator (vegetable compartment) in summer to remove the sand from asari. If the asari has been obtained at a supermarket, leave them at least 2 ~ 3 hours. If the asari is natural, leave them overnight.