365 Days Miso Soup

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Onion Miso Soup

About Onions

Onions can be obtained year-round in Japan and be stored at room temperatures for a long time. They are thus indispensable not only for miso soup but also for various homemade dishes. They add a mild sweetness to miso soup.
Since onions can be cooked with various ingredients, such as other vegetables, Vienna sausage and shellfish, you can easily make tasty miso soups by using them together with any foods found in your refrigerator. They are a good ingredient when you want to add a mild sweetness to miso soup.
If you simmer onions until they become pulpy, you get a miso soup full of sweetness. If you combine onions with milk, you get a unique and tasty miso soup.

The onion season is from September to April

Flavor of Onions and the Cause of Tears

The source of the distinctive flavor and pungency of onions is diallyl sulfide. It has the effect of making your blood flow smoothly and is also the cause of bringing tears to your eyes. To prevent tears, cool onions in a refrigerator for about an hour or use a sharp knife to cut them.
Since this substance is water-soluble, it seeps out of onions if soaked in water for a long time. Avoid soaking onions in water too long.

Storing Onions

Onions are vulnerable to moisture. To keep their taste, place them in a net or stockings and hang in an airy place with no direct sunlight.
If it is difficult, wrap each onion with newspaper and store in a basket or cardboard box. Newspaper absorbs moisture and can protect onions from moisture.