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Aburaage Miso Soup

About Aburaage

Aburaage is fluffy deep-fried tofu and absorbs various tastes easily. It is an excellent and almighty ingredient for miso soup. Its combination with popular vegetables, such as onions and bean sprouts, or vegetables in season, such as spring cabbage, makes miso soups savorier.
Before cooking, soak aburaage in boiling water for 1 ~ 2 minutes to remove oil. It reduces calories from aburaage and makes it absorb tastes more easily.
In the Osaka area, aburaage is known as “usage” rather than aburaage.

Nutrition of Aburaage

Aburaage is made by deep-frying thin tofu. Since it is made from soybeans, it contains plenty of nutrients, such as quality protein, carbohydrate, calcium and magnesium. In addition, it contains antiaging nutrients good for women, such as vitamin E, soy isoflavone and iron.
It also contains potassium. If you worry about the salt content of miso soup, potassium in aburaage helps your body to discharge salt, contributing to your health.

Kinds of Aburaage

There are many kinds of aburaage: Nankan-age in Kumamoto, Kyo-age in Kyoto, Matsuyama-age in Ehime, Yamato-age in Nara, sankaku aburaage in Miyagi, etc. Their shapes differ from region to region, and their thicknesses also differ. There is no standard form for aburaage.
Atsuage is often sold placed next to aburaage and also called “nama-age.” It is made by deep-frying thick tofu. Its inside is as soft as tofu while its surface is crispy, and you can enjoy different textures.