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Wakame Miso Soup

About Wakame

Wakame seaweed has been eaten as a standard supporting ingredient for miso soup. It has low calories and plenty of nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals. It is a superior healthy food. While salted wakame and dried wakame are available throughout the year, its season is March ~ May. During this period, you can enjoy tender and tasty fresh wakame.

Wakame's seasonal season is from March to May

Nutrition of Wakame

Wakame is harvested throughout Japan. It is well known to have plenty of dietary fiber. It also contains alginic acid, which is a component of sliminess, and minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. Since it has low calories, you can eat it in a large amount without worrying about calories.


Wakame consists of the leaf (the section usually called wakame), the sporophyll (mekabu, or the thick leaf at the base) and the stem (kuki-wakame). They have different textures and tastes and can be cooked differently. You can simply add mekabu to miso soup just before serving or use kuki-wakame for stews and pan-fried dishes.