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Nameko Miso Soup

About Nameko

Nameko mushrooms have a characteristic sliminess. They are convenient ingredients for making tasty miso soups. Although the season of natural mameko mushrooms is fall, most nameko mushrooms currently available on the market are artificially grown, and you can obtain them throughout the year. Since nameko mushrooms are easily spoiled, cook them soon after purchasing.

Named season is from October to November (natural)

Excellent Ingredients with Nameko

Nameko goes especially well with mild-taste ingredients, such as tofu, wakame, aburaage and daikon radish.
It can be combined with many ingredients, and you can try various ones.

Do I Need to Wash Nameko?

If nameko is fresh, you do not need to wash it. If nameko is a little old and has started to smell sour, you better wash it. But, wash it lightly since its sliminess is lost if you wash it too much.
The expiration date of nameko is often not printed on its package. As a rule, eat nameko within 3 days after purchasing.