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Taro Miso Soup

About Taros

Taros have a characteristic slimy texture. The substance for this texture is water-soluble dietary fiber. Taros are friendly to the body and full of nutrition. They are super vegetables, and people want to eat them very much in winter. Miso soups of taros warms you up from the inside. Since taros have very low calories among the tubers and roots, they are also good for those on diet.

The taro season is from August to December

Slime and Nutrition of Taros

The slime of taros consists of mucin and galactan, which are both water-soluble dietary fiber. Mucin has the effect of improving the functions of the stomach by protecting its mucous membrane, and galactan is effective in preventing a cold.
Since taros are also effective in improving anemia, poor blood circulation and swelling, they are popular among those who are conscious of their health.

How to Peel Taros

Peeling wet taros is difficult and makes your hands itchy. Dry them after washing. It makes them less slimy and does not cause itchiness.
You can peel taros easily if you cool them in cold water after boiling for about 10 minutes or if you heat them wrapped with a plastic wrap in a microwave oven for about 3 minutes.