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Daikon Miso Soup

About Daikon

Daikon radish has been eaten in Japan since ancient times. Its root and leaves are both edible. Fresh daikon has a refreshing spiciness and is often used as a condiment for various dishes, particularly for sashimi, or sliced raw fish. If heated, it becomes tender and sweet. Since it develops umami (good taste) if simmered, it is good as an ingredient for miso soup.

The season of radish is from November to February

Ingredients Good for Daikon Miso Soup

While daikon can be combined with various ingredients in miso soup, its combination with Chinese cabbage or onion may make the miso soup bland.
It is recommended to use daikon with ingredients with different textures, such as aburaage and wakame, or with chewy ingredients, such as meat and fish.

Kinds of Daikon

Most of the daikon available on the market are aokubi-daikon, and it occupies 90% of the daikon production.
Some other daikon varieties carry the names of their production areas, such as Kamedo daikon, Nerima daikon, Miura daikon and Momoyama daikon. Moriguchi daikon is thin and grows up to 2 ~ 3 m. It is made into Moriguchi pickles. In recent years, some traditional daikon varieties have become popular, such as round Shogoin daikon in Kyoto and Gensuke daikon in Kanazawa.
You can try various kinds of daikon for your miso soup.