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Shijimi Miso Soup

About Shijimi

Shijimi (freshwater clams) have a characteristic rich umami (good taste) and often appear in miso soup recipes. They have been eaten in Japan since ancient times as a nourishing food. While miso soup of shijimi alone is tasty enough, you can add other ingredients, such as tofu.

Shijimi's seasonal season is July and January-February

Condiments Good for Shijimi Miso Soup

Simple shijimi miso soup is tasty enough, but adding some condiments makes it savorier.


・Chopped thin green onion・Mitsuba (Japanese honeywort)・Sansho (Japanese pepper) powder・Yuze peel


Wash shijimi lightly and place in a colander in such a way that the shijimi clams do not overlap each other. Place the colander with the shijimi in a bowl and pour in about 1% salt water in such a way that the shijimi clams barely appear on the water surface. Allow about 3 hours in summer and 5 ~ 6 hours in winter to clean the sand out of the shijimi. To keep the umami of the shijimi, avoid spending too much time for sand removal. Otherwise, the shijimi is weakened.