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Maitake Miso Soup

About Maitake

You can obtain maitake mushrooms easily at supermarkets year-round. They have low calories but contain plenty of vitamin Bs and dietary fiber. Since they are full of dietary fiber, they are suitable ingredients for those conscious of health and beauty and those on diet. You can easily make a healthy, nourishing soup by using them in miso soup.

Maiko season is from September to October (natural products)


The preparation of maitake is simple and you can use it quickly for cooking.
Artificially-grown maitake does not require washing, and almost all the maitake mushrooms available at supermarkets are artificially grown.
If the maitake you obtained has dirt, lightly wipe the dirt off it with a wet paper towel.
While you can eat maitake from the top to the base, cut the base off if it is hard. Then, break the maitake into proper sizes with hands before cooking.

How to Store Maitake

Freezing maitake increases its umami (good taste) and flavor.
Before storing maitake in a freezer, cut the base off, break into smaller clusters and place in a plastic bag. You can store maitake in a freezer for 3 weeks to a month.
If you store maitake in a refrigerator, place it in a vegetable compartment and use it up in 3 ~ 4 days.
If you store maitake together with other mushrooms, you can easily prepare your own mixed mushrooms.