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Outline of the Oita Shoyu Cooperative
Company (Fundokin Shoyu Co., Ltd Group)

Picture of soy sauce plant

This cooperative union and factory was established with the leadership of the Fundokin Shoyu Company for the manufacture of soy sauce and soy sauce processed products.

How to make dark regular soy sauce

Process for producing soy sauce

Five characteristics of
Japanese style soy sauce

  1. ① Same amount of soybeans and wheat
  2. ② Koji(rice malt,aspergillus)
  3. ③ Bara koji(literally,loose koji)
  4. ④ Use only koji as raw material
  5. ⑤ Clear liquidseasoning

Unrefined soy sauce fermentation and
maturation tanks

Guinness Record for world's biggest wooden brewing barrel

Capacity 540 kl
(Guinness Record for world's biggest wooden brewing barrel)
Diameter 9m,height 9m,to the lid 12m,capacity 540kl

  • Founding of the Cooperative: 1974
  • Completion of the Cooperative Factory: 1977
  • Number of Employees: 118
  • Number of union members: 19 companies (Fundokin Shoyu, and others)
  • Overall Production Output: 17000 kl (1st in Kyushu, 9th in the nation)
  • JAS Certified Organic Processed Food Factory
  • Labor Safety Management System OHSAS 18001
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