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Nameko Mushroom and Red Daikon Radish Miso Soup

This miso soup looks cute with red daikon radish and water pepper (Magic Red or benitade).

Ingredients (4 servings)

Kabu-nameko (Unseparated nameko mushrooms) 1 pack
Red daikon radish 6 cm
Magic Red 2 tablespoons
Dashi stock 800 cc
Miso 3-1/2 tablespoons

Type of Miso

Mugi (Barley) miso

Our product used in this recipe

Mugi (Barley) miso

Ikiteru Junsei Aka
(Living Pure Red Miso)


  1. Remove the base off the kabu-nameko and separate into small bunches. Cut the red daikon radish into 5-mm round slices.
  2. Bring the dashi stock to a boil and add the red daikon. After the red daikon is cooked, add the kabu-nameko and boil for a moment.
  3. Lower the heat and dissolve the miso. Serve the miso soup in bowls with the Magic Red on top.

★ A Note

There are various types of red daikon radishes available on the market. Some are red only in the skin and some in both the skin and core. Their colors also vary from greenish to blackish. You can try red daikon radishes of different colors in miso soup.

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