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Kid’s Miso Soup

Meatballs are children’s favorite. They in fact go well with miso soup.

Ingredients (4 servings)

Meatballs (available on the market) 20
Bell pepper (red, yellow, orange and green) Half of each kind
Dashi stock 800 cc
Miso 3-1/2 tablespoons

Type of Miso

Awase (Mixed) miso

Our product used in this recipe

Awase (Mixed) miso

Nama-zume Mutenka Awase
(Fresh-packed, Additive-free Mixed Miso)


  1. Cut the red, yellow, orange and green bell peppers into hearts, stars, flowers and spades.
  2. Bring the dashi stock to a boil and add the meatballs and bell peppers to cook.
  3. Lower the heat and dissolve the miso. Serve the miso soup in bowls.

★ A Note

All you need to prepare is to cut colorful bell peppers into cute shapes.

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