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Mulukhiya and Sausage Miso Soup

If your children do not like mulukhiya, this miso soup, with sausage, is a good choice for them.

Ingredients (4 servings)

Mulukhiya 1/2 bunch
Vienna sausages 4
Water 800 cc
Miso 3-1/2 tablespoons

Type of Miso

Awase (Mixed) miso

Our product used in this recipe

Awase (Mixed) miso

Ikiteru Awase Miso
(Living Mixed Miso)


  1. Boil the mulukhiya and mince with a knife until it becomes gooey. Cut the Vienna sausages diagonally into pieces.
  2. Bring the water to a boil and add the Vienna sausages. After the Vienna sausages are cooked, dissolve the miso and add the mulukhiya.
  3. Serve the miso soup in bowls.

★ A Note

The more you mince mulukhiya, the more it becomes gooey. Mince it as you like.

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