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Okra and Tomato Cold Soup

Refreshing cold miso soup good for hot summer days. It is full of vitamins.

Ingredients (4 servings)

Okras 8
Tomato 1
Dashi stock 800 cc
Miso 3-1/2 tablespoons

Type of Miso

Kome (Rice) miso


  1. Boil the okras with salt and slice them diagonally. Cut the tomato into proper sizes.
  2. Bring the dashi stock to a boil. Dissolve the miso and boil only for a moment. Let the soup cool down.
  3. Place the okras and tomato in bowls and pour the miso soup of 2 over them for serving.

★ A Note

This is a miso soup of okras and tomato, ingredients good for summer.

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