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Spring Turnip and Thick Deep-fried Tofu Miso Soup

Enjoy fluffy turnips together with their leaves and savory thick deep-fried tofu (atsuage).

Ingredients (4 servings)

Small turnips (with leaves) 3
Atsuage 1/2 cake
Dashi stock 800 cc
Miso 3-1/2 tablespoons

Type of Miso

Mugi (Barley) miso

Our product used in this recipe

Ikiteru Junsei Aka

Ikiteru Junsei Aka
(Living Pure Red Miso)


  1. Cut the leaves off the small turnips leaving the stalks by about 1 cm. Peel the turnips and cut them each into 4 wedges. Slice the turnip leaves. Cut the atsuage into proper sizes.
  2. Put the turnips in the dashi stock and bring it to a boil. Add the atsuage and boil until the turnips become tender.
  3. Add the turnip leaves, dissolve the miso and boil for a moment.
  4. Serve the miso soup in bowls.

★ A Note

You can enjoy the soggy tenderness of turnips in this miso soup.

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